Sunday, May 17, 2015

Time in Room 62

Here I am in 2nd grade in room 62.  It’s Mrs. Bender’s room.  Bright and early Friday morning 20 kids barged into the room and rushed to my cage.  I had 40 eyeballs STARING-STARING-STARING at me!  I was SCARED-SCARED-SCARED until the students calmly welcomed me to room 62 and Mrs. Bender asked them to go back to their seats quietly.  “Boy she saved my life from those crazy, loud but friendly kids!”  That’s when I noticed a cute yellow balloon with a smile on it.  The students explained that his name was Lemon Head.  The students had done a science experiment.  First, they filled a bottle with vinegar.  Next, they put baking soda in a balloon (Lemon Head).  Then Mrs. Bender put the balloon on the bottle.  The baking soda fell into the vinegar and caused the vinegar to bubble.  This filled the balloon with gas called carbon dioxide.  “Gosh I wish I was there to help with the experiment.  It sounded like so much FUN-FUN-FUN!”

Mrs. Bender said “line up, quietly.”  We were off to an author visit by a very popular author named Ron Roy.  He told us he had been writing books since 1972.  He writes the book series A to Z Mysteries as well as Calendar Mysteries and Capital Mysteries.  He told us about the first book he published.  The book was called A Thousand Pails of Water.  It was about a whale and a boy.  The whale was stuck on shore.  The boy used his pail to dump water on the whale so he would stay moist and cool.  The boy was trying to keep the whale alive.  In the end, many people came to the beach to help save the whale with their pails and spaghetti pots.  The tide came in and the whale went back in the water.  Mr. Roy answered student questions.  He picked me and all I could say was SQUEAK-SQUEAK-SQUEAK.  Ron Roy laughed and said “No! Go to your room.”  Oh, I almost forgot….Mr. Roy did magic.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  How did he do that?

Right after our author visit we went to the Brain Show.  Boy it was LOUD-LOUD-LOUD!!!  We walked into the gym.  There was loud music playing.  There were stands with buzzers.  There were numbers on the front of the stands.  It reminded me of a show called Jeopardy that I saw when I was at Miss Mac’s house.  Oh, how I miss Miss Mac.  At first I thought they were going to take my brains out but that’s not what happened at all.  We all got seated.  Then the host, Mr. Steve, passed out cards with numbers on them to kids in the audience.  He gave a card to me.  My friend Kiara carried my cage up to the stand.  We had to answer a bunch of questions and do a bunch of dances.  My team won!  I got a magnet and it was BIG-BIG-BIG.  The students hung it in my cage so I can admire it or swing on it and play with it.  Mr. Steve taught us 15 dances.  He has MOVES-MOVES-MOVES.  Mrs. Bender almost forgot me at the Brain Show.  Good thing Maia was paying attention and grabbed my cage as the class left the gym.

We returned to the classroom.  I was exhausted.  I was so sleepy I napped for the rest of the day.  I missed lunch, recess, gym, Fun Friday and reading.  Good thing they don’t serve hamsters for lunch.  When I woke up I noticed a present in my cage.  Can you guess what it might be?  A RUBBER BAND for protection.  Just-in case Mrs. Lygoyke’s warning about a visit from a dog came true.  I woke just in time to say goodbye to my new friends in room 62.  As they left the room for the day I tried to say goodbye to Put-Your-Glasses-On Ameer, Get-Going Kiara, Pipe-Down Parker, Good-Answer Maia, Golden Ashley, Cool-Kid Jared, Leave-It-Alone Greg, Keep-Sharing Kaitlyn, Smartie-Pants Ethan, Raise-Your-Hand Addie,  Speak-up Christina, Pinkalious Paige, Cutie Kaylynn, Chatterbox Dominick, Flower Mia, Nice-Clip-Up Amylee, Stop-Giggling Allison, Terrific Trey, Shy Sky and Go-Sit-Down Gavin but all that came out was SQUEAK-SQUEAK-SQUEAK-SQUEAK-SQUEAK-SQUEAK-SQUEAK-SQUEAK-SQUEAK-
SQUEAK-SQUEAK.  I will miss that crazy loud but friendly bunch of kids in Jingle-Jangle Mrs. Bender’s class.

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