Thursday, April 16, 2015

Humphrey Visits Room 72

Fifth graders do a lot of demanding work!  On Tuesday, I saw them thinking very hard doing their CFAs.  They wrote so much on their papers!  For nearly an hour all I could hear were pencils scratching.  Scratch - Scratch-Scratch….   It made me want to write in my own notebook!  They were hoping to take an extra recess, but they worked so hard they ran out of time.  Maybe later this week….   

    After school I was hoping to get in a little nap, but to my surprise, there were 10 kids still in the classroom!  They were working on math problems - I know!  It was Math Club!  I helped these students work on finding volumes of figures.  Then they used their Chromebooks to put in their math tests.  I wish I could have helped them.  We also prepared for the Benchmark Assessment.  We all worked so hard it made my little head hurt - OUCH-OUCH-OUCH!  Here are two photos of my new Math Club friends!  

    Boy, it is hard to get any sleep around here.  I was just nodding off when Miss L. picked me up and carried me downstairs.  I was in for a big surprise!  I couldn’t hold my excitement when I saw my new fifth grade friends!  SQUEAK SQUEAK SQUEAK!  There was so much noise in the cafeteria because the fifth graders were having their DARE Graduation, and I was invited!  Wow, those fifth graders sure do know how to dress to impress!  They looked Nice - Nice- Nice!  After receiving certificates and lots of DARE trinkets, we had cake!  Soon after, I returned to the classroom to finally get some sleep.  It was a fun day!

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