Thursday, April 16, 2015

Humphrey’s Hijinx Adventures with Grade 5 in Room 64

When I woke up in this strange new classroom, I spied many children rushing in and getting ready for their day.  In my wonderful day and half experience in room 64 that students decked out my cage with thoughtful gifts: a bowl of colorful food, a functional tinfoil mirror, a nametag, bedding, and even a New Journal created by their master origami artist, Gabe. They did all this during their free time. I was surprised by their generosity so much that I began journaling immediately about my new adventure.  

Time moved forward and before I could blink, many of the kids began typing fast and furiously on their new fangled Chromebooks.  While l listened to their lessons, I overheard strange new names such as Ponce De Leon, Henry Hudson, even Christopher Columbus: apparently he claimed or discovered America for these kids.  Now, that’s news to me!

After watching their complicated math lesson on mixed numbers and improper fractions.The students started playing this crazy card game and BOY, am I thankful I am a hamster so I didn’t have to take that test.  But I noticed how hard they are working and how determined they were to do well on their math test: heads down, pencils moving and figuring out all those mixed up numbers.  I mean really I can add and subtract, what else do I really need as a hamster.

Suddenly everyone jumped up and left the classroom. I wondered if they would ever come back, like how I wish for Ms. Mac to come back to see me.  Next thing I knew, different kids came back in the room with trays of food and while they were eating they were talking about me and having a discussion of having a fundraiser for pets called Pennies for Pets!  Now I know that these are thoughtful students.

Even though  I longed to go outside and get some fresh air, this was one conversation I did not want to miss. Although playing outside would be fun too with all the 5th graders.  I could hear their voices rising as they played games and were swinging on the the playscape.  Later, I heard they were on the grassy field. How I long to feel grass under my paws too.  Perhaps, just maybe I can escape for a bit to join them.  You know, It’s a lock that doesn’t lock on my cage…
That evening, the custodian, Mrs. Martin, came into the room with her loud vacuum cleaner.  I hid in my house as the noisy machine pushed closer and closer towards me. She noticed me, turned off the machine and approached my cage softly and gently, with a soft hand she reached in cage to pet me. She is so nice. I wondered if she would be my friend just like my friend Aldo Amato.  I am sure she will. I like her a lot.

Suddenly, during the course of the next day, someone whisked me away to another strange room and onto a new adventure.  I looked up and saw that Matt was carrying my cage away.  I squeaked a big thank you to let him know I had a great time in Room 64.  

However, before the day was over, I was lucky enough to witness their DARE graduation as well and to see how all their decision making skills and respectfulness really paid off. It was a very informative experience as I listened to all the DARE essays and learned about the dangers of what bad choices can lead to in our lives.  The pride I felt for the 5th graders as their faces were glowing with bright smiles for their accomplishments. And did they make a good choice eating that delicious, tasty cake.  They even sneaked me a piece, YUM.

Thanks for the adventure Room 64! It was amazing, although you could have taken my picture with me awake and not sleeping in my cage!

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  1. Humphrey, if you are having trouble with the math lesson, you are certainly welcome to stop by room 66 to get help from the math tutors!